Published by Luigi Costa on March 20, 2019

What Is The Importance Of Law In Our Lives And Society?

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Law makes any country successful in any country without law seems like a jungle. There will be some moral issues if we don’t have any law because the law makes sense to everything. If there is no law this place will be intolerable for everyone, no one can survive at that place where there is no law because everyone will enforce you to do things according to them and make their own ways for achievements this world turn to be a mean place. Because of the law, people are safe in this world. The economic issue is the biggest issue which we cannot neglect.

Law encourages the people to do the right things because they know if they do something wrong with anyone they can sue a case against them for which they have to pay a heavy cost in term of monitory or physically.

Law makes the people believe in humanity and people feel safe otherwise we can see those countries where people don’t follow the rules and the crime rate of those countries are so high that people are trying to leave their country and moving to another country.

We all know what makes our society acceptable and peaceful which is law, every place has certain rules and law which need to be followed otherwise people get out of control and they do such activities which are unacceptable if we talk about the rape incident which is so common in the villages or the place where they have no rules because no one is there to stop them and tell them that whatever is they are doing is not acceptable in the society and it leads to crime and suicidal attacks. It gives a really bad and poor impact on the whole society and everyone feels insecure because these kinds of incidents happen there on a normal basis. The government needs to take action against this mafia and set laws and rules there. If lawyers get united and take action against this problem they can solve this problem.

Laws protect us in many ways we cannot even imagine. Law protects each and every individual person in the country because there are lawyers for every problem probate lawyers Melbourne CBD, criminal lawyer, injured lawyer, real estate lawyer, civil lawyer and many more lawyers for each problem. We should be thankful to each lawyer who exists and makes our lives peaceful.

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