Published by Luigi Costa on February 7, 2019

Usage Of Weatherboards

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Weatherboards are usually used for covering the part of the house or some building which is outside. Therefore, these are mostly seen on the roofs of the many houses. These offer very flexibility and can be fixed to any kind of materials. No matter if your roof is made from bricks or fiber cement, you can always attach the weatherboards to it. But it is not a rule that you can only use the weatherboards on the external part of your house or on your roof just. But it completely depends on you that which part of the house you want to cover. You could cover you entire home from the weatherboards if you want to. Not necessarily you need to stick for the traditional weatherboard look, you could mix any material from any building such as bricks or renders, stones or anything to give it a different and unique look. Although, market now offer a huge range of weatherboards that are appropriate for every kind of house. But even then If you are not satisfied by it then you can customize it according to yourself.

The easy installation of weatherboards make these a hit in the market. No matter what kind of material is used in the weatherboards these are always designed to give the walls or ceiling strength. The weatherboards offer you a long life span but only when these are maintained or installed correctly.

For the areas where the weather is intense or the area get earthquakes these weatherboards are ideal solution for the construction problem because even under the influence of earthquakes the weatherboard will retain itself and will not break. Weatherboards are not limited to one type in their construction there are many types that have been in use for years. Riven is the classic type of these which are constructed in a triangular shape. Other types of these weatherboards  are radially sawn, flat sawn, chamferboard and finger jointed. The above mentioned types are the type of the weatherboard in the manner of construction that how these are cut.

The type of wood species are different too and different type of wood are used in these weatherboards. The famous types are split oak, pine and spruce. Modern examples of the woods used in weatherboards are the red cedar and pine. In the very starting when these weatherboards were introduced these were originally left in the form of raw wood and were left to go under the environment in the natural ways.