Published by Luigi Costa on July 26, 2019

How To Become Plumber

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A career as plumber provides you a good opportunity to earn an adequate living. But becoming plumber and especially top in your profession is not easy. It’s not that you get some tools and little information about plumbing and you will be all set to be a plumber. It is time takin process plus required formal education, vocational training, on-job training and license to practice as a plumber Bentleigh East. Following are the minimum requirements to become a practicing plumber

First of all, one must complete a high school education or get a diploma. As for becoming plumbing work knowledge of maths, basic science, algebra, and geometry are mandatory. One must possess a basic knowledge of the scientific concept in plumbing. So, a high school degree is a must before moving to the next step. After high school, attending vocational institute will help to learn the traits of trade. Vocational training takes a different time in completion depending upon the category of plumbing selected by person but without vocational training, nobody can move forward. As all the technical expertise and knowledge can be gained from a vocational institute, even these institute helps to gain and hands-on experience which will help to learn about tools and real-life problems which plumber will be facing in career. Even for freshman, vocational training helps to learn about basic plumbing tasks for example

  • Pipe cutting
  • Measurement of Area
  • Valve and pipe inspection
  • Material knowledge
  • Water heater repair

The next important step which helps to gain real-time experience is getting an apprenticeship with a professional and experienced plumber, this apprenticeship can be paid but some time to gain experience you must work voluntarily. During an apprenticeship, one can learn to be a real plumber. During this period, a person learns to work as a plumber, came across real-life plumbing problems and get real work experience. This period also helps to get knowledge about trade secrets. This also provides ample knowledge about the potential market and future clients. Apprenticeship is a must for any person who wants to become plumber as you can’t learn all the skills from the vocational institute. During this period, the person in training get habitual about the life of plumber and learn how to deal with their clients.

After the apprenticeship, the person must apply for a license for practicing plumbing. There are many areas where you cannot perform a job without a license. To get this license, you have to go through a test. This test can be theoretical or practical depending upon the requirements of the area. Even license is very important when you want to join any plumbing service company because it is mandatory to hold a license. Also, some companies require you to get liability insurance to cover any damage occurs to the client, due to you. But after all this, a professional plumber Moorabbin can up to $49,000 per annum average salary that is higher than other professional mainstream jobs.