Published by Luigi Costa on October 31, 2017

Creating Beautiful Memories On Your Wedding Day

You wedding day is one of the beautiful days that you will have in your life. It’s the day where you are going to feel like the queen of the world. And the time leading up to it will always be an unforgettable time spent in your journey of life. Because when you are about to be the bride, you get all the attention, you get all the pampering and you get all the love and care that you want. And who wouldn’t want to bask in this moment of joy forever and forever? Because you have everyone surrounding you, fussing over you, and who wouldn’t love this bit of pampering even if only for a short while. They are concerned about what you are eating and how well you are sleeping and all the tiny details about how you are spending your time. And suddenly you feel like there is this shower of love that is falling on you.

And you should definitely take advantage of the moment. because it’s only going to last a while and after you wedding at one of the most spectacular best wedding reception venues Melbourne is over, all of this pampering will also come to an end. So make sure you enjoy it while it lasts. Make sure that you get everyone you love involved in the process of preparing for your wedding. All your friends and family. You should be surrounded by them, getting ideas from them, asking them what they think would be the best thing to do. Because when you have everybody involved its all the more fun. All the too many cooks can sometimes end up spoiling the soup, the memories that are created along the way will be some amazing ones.event-venues-hire

Ones that you will all have a laugh about once the whole things has come to an end. And this what you should be looking forward to about your wedding. It’s true that the end result also matters. That you should have a great wedding at an amazing function centre, but you should also understand that that will be only for a day. And you can enjoy your life immensely in the days leading up to it, if you think about having all the way, up until your big day. Instead of stressing over the details like many people do. In order to get everything perfect for that one day. So always out the process of creating happy and beautiful memories before everything else when you have your big day approaching. For more information, please click here.

Published by Luigi Costa on August 1, 2017

Tips On Organizing A Successful Wedding Reception In Short Notice

As much as we’d like, life simply does not allow us the luxury of choosing how certain things go or how certain plans work out. Naturally, if given the choice, many of us would take a while to organize and put together a big event such as a wedding. But sometimes, circumstances simply do not allow this; and sometimes, we don’t want to wait too long to officially become a part of our loved ones’ life. If you are planning a short notice wedding, and are afraid it would mess up due to the short period you have to see it through; don’t worry any longer. Here are our experts tips and suggestions…

Say yes to help

There’s a moment and place to be independent; and organizing an event this big is not one of those moments. To meet your short notice function successfully, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Do you know anyone with a particular talent for organizing events? Perhaps he/she is the family’s part planner. Getting the help of this person will make planning your own event much easier. Apart from organizing, you can also employ the help of your friends for the food, decorating the wedding reception Melbourne, as well as sending out the invitations.

Know when to bring in the professionals

If you can afford it, say yes to professional help. Even though your friend or family member might do a pretty good job at organizing your special day, it goes without saying that if it’s a professional, you’ll definitely feel more confident and comfortable about handing over the responsibility. Take a wedding stylist for example. You might be great at makeup; but unless you have plenty of time to practice your “look”, things are inevitably going to go wrong. Especially when you add nerves to the mix. 

Keep your guest list small

Having a small amount of people to cater to will make organizing an event this important much easier. This is especially true when you’d have to consider people’s availability for your special day. Having a small guest list means you have less people to send invitations to, get door gifts for, and also less people to feed.

Keep things simple

Whether you are using professional help, or being a super hero and handling all the organizing details yourself, one thing that is going to help you out greatly, is constantly reminding yourself to keep things simple. It’s hard to mess up something in a big way if the details are simple. This can apply to the venue, the guest list, the decorations, the food and also the program for the day as well.