Published by Luigi Costa on September 10, 2019

No Choice But Separating? Read This Then

After so many disputes, have you finally decided to end things for good because you have no choice? Are you feeling really stressed out because of everything you have to deal with as consequences? Your not alone in this. Let’s see who and how can you get help. 

They simply get it!

Separation can be a very painful and challenging time for anybody. Even if your are married for a long time or you have a same sex marriage or even if your a grand parent. There are services that provide family dispute resolution. They assist you in resolving conflicts which involve around parenting arrangements or financial or property through a structured process. It is a respectful and professional arrangement so you don’t need to worry.

What do they do?

They work impartially with separated couples or other parties to assist them to communicate effectively. This helps to identify unresolved conflicts easily. This will help in future options and to even negotiate agreements. Sometimes couples who wish to separate must undertake professionally facilitated mediation before going for court applications in regarding with parenting arrangements. They can provide you with these required services.

What more can they do?

They assist you in many other aspects as well. They can assist you to move on with your life easier by providing counsellor Fremantle services. They can help you settle money and property relating issues. They can help you to avoid costly and time consuming legal actions by providing you with lawyers that are suitable. If there are children involved you don’t have to worry because they have parenting plans suitable for any situation. It even helps your children to have a safe place where their voices and feelings will be heard.

How does it really work?

Initial contact of the mediation process will be the initial phone call you make or the email you send to make an appointment. Then there will be individual intake session. During the session you will discuss the issues and about the solutions. You can schedule the dates for mediation process on this day too. Following the initial meeting your former partner or the relevant parties will be invited to attend. There will be joint sessions too after they have explained how the process works. Working out issues that way will be helpful to resolve disputes. As a result of some serious relationship counselling a practitioner will help you to break down issues to manageable disagreement, and develop a schedule both parties agree to. A plan of action will be developed to find solutions. When financial issues are present, financial statement from both parties will be prepared.If you have given up hope on everything because of some disagreements this will be your solution!