Kooper Kain – Kooperized!!

Are You Looking For The Best And Most Advanced Commercial Roller Shutters For Your Shop Or Any Other Commercial Place?

As discussed in previous article that how the company namely F & G Roller door is working on the upgradation of the roller garage doors and they have also embedded the smart system in roller garage doors and we have discussed some of the advantages of the roller garage doors and you can blindly trust on them, so we have left on a point of smart system than how does their smart system works actually because it is not only about opening and closing down the roller garage doors or commercial roller shutter but the smart system is embedded for many other things or purposes to which is more useable in commercial roller shutters. So, let us take our discussion to further extend, now the smart system is firstly enables you to control your commercial roller shutters and roller garage doors directly from the mobile application and by the system you are using at your office or from any device you use at home.

In an addition, they have more focused on commercial roller shutters in Melbourne which are used more as commercially and normally we have to hire some of the one like gate keeper for just opening and closing the commercial roller shutters so with the help of an advanced commercial roller now you do not have to hire the gate keeper and all of his duties even custom defined duties can be done from the advance commercial roller shutter and roller garage doors. For an example you wanted to capture the time of entry of some of the one like when he or she has come so an advance commercial roller shutters can make log or table which reports to an administrator on real time and also can be used for attendance marking without letting know to the employee and without being doing any of the thing by the employer, similarly if it is opening from the inside so notes down the exit and so on which makes reports at the end to be analyzed by the administrator to have full access on entrance or exit.


  • Automatic attendance system
  • Security enhancement system
  • Easy access for all authorized person
  • Vehicle oriented commercial roller shutters or garage doors, So that it only opens according to the size of vehicle allowed to avoid un-wanted entrance through the roller garage doors and commercial roller shutters.
  • Systematic operations of the roller garage doors and commercial roller shutters.
  • Comes with an IP camera for monitors the entrance of the garage roller doors and commercial roller shutters.
  • Strong materialized roller garage doors and commercial roller shutter with an auto detection of any malfunctioning in the system which is also been reported to the company for roller shutter repairs services and maintenance scheduled.

There are many other advantages too and also you can customized your own roller garage doors and commercial roller shutters according to your own custom requirements and needs.