Published by Luigi Costa on September 14, 2017

Advantages Of Powder Coating

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Powder coating happens to be an advanced technique of application of a decorative as well as protective coating to any kind of metal which can be used in both industries as well as consumers. The powder is a mixture of fine grained particles of resin and pigment. It is sprayed electro statically on the surface which has to be coated. Powder coating is one of the fastest emerging technologies in the USA and is found in 10% of finished goods in the industry.

Lifting equipment Gold Coast has powder coating on their finishes, because the surfaces are subjected to many abrasions. The results of powder coating are a uniform, high quality, durable and attractive finish, something that many idealists want.

Powder coating may also be used on the surfaces of sheet metal fabrication Brisbane. They are a good choice in many applications and stand out because of their quality and adherence to industry standards. Powder coating is also quite economical, long lasting, and resisting to scratches, chipping and flaking. Powder coating takes into consideration the environment as well. Liquid finishes have solvents which are pollutants and known as volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). Powder coating does not have any of these solvents and is friendly to the environment. In today’s day and age, this is a much required characteristic because it’s time we stopped abusing the earth.

Elimination of the VOC’s leads to compliance with the standards set by the EPA or the Environmental Protection Agency. It helps companies to comply efficiently as well as economically. Strict monitoring of the air pollution by various government agencies over the last three decades has seen the market for powder coating rise and rise.

The appliance department does benefit from powder coating. Starting from refrigerators, washers and dryers, air conditioner cabinets, dishwasher racks and water heaters to microwave ovens and dryer drums, it has made an impact everywhere.

The automobile industry has gained from powder coating as well. It is used on bumpers, wheels, door handles, hubcaps and trims and accent parts. Radiators and filters, and other parts of the cars are beneficiaries of powder coating. A lot of top car manufacturing companies, spewing out top of the line fancy cars, go in for powder coating unanimously.Architectures and buildings sector also make extensive use of powder coating to coat extrusions of aluminum, as well as modular furniture. A lot of highways and building projects have used powder coating to coat signs, posts, guardrails and fencings.

We come across powder coating in everyday products in an extensive manner. Remember the skis stored away for the winter? Well, they have powder coating on them. Bicycles and fitness equipment also have powder coating on them. Shop owners also powder coat their display racks and stands. And the list goes on.